Red Rocks Dubstep & Riddim Drums

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Red Rocks Dubstep & Riddim Drums is one of the most unique sample packs ever created! We spent five separate days roaming, exploring, and recording sounds at Red Rocks. Armed with a collection of percussive elements and our professional Zoom microphone, we created hundreds of unique one shots and a multitude of loops utilizing the raw and organic energy of Red Rock Amphitheatre.

If you want to infuse the legendary energy of Red Rocks into your original dubstep productions download the pack now!

The Pack Includes:

25 Kicks
25 Snares
25 Toms
25 Claps
25 Closed Hi Hats
25 Open Hi Hats
15 Crashes
18 Raw Cymbal Recordings
15 Rides
45 THICC Top Loops
25 Impacts
5 Foley Loops
5 White Noise Loops