Licensing Agreement


The sound samples (“samples”) contained within this sample pack are non-exclusively licensed to you. This license is granted for the full period of copyright protection or until revoked by Cryztal Grid, LLC. This license is conferred for the benefit of you as a single-user and entitles you to use the samples solely within original musical compositions.

Ownership of the samples remains with Cryztal Grid, LLC. No right of ownership or resale is conferred as part of this license and the license arising from this transaction does not constitute ownership on your behalf. This license is non-delegable, and may not be leased, traded, lent out, assigned, copied, repackaged, redistributed, duplicated or otherwise reproduced in any way without the written permission of Cryztal Grid, LLC’s authorized agent. The sole authorized agent of Cryztal Grid, LLC is the Registered Agent as recorded with the Ohio Secretary of State at the time written permission is sought.

The sounds contained within this sample pack are 100% royalty free when used within your original musical compositions. Electronic transfer or uploading to a sampler network of any type is forbidden. All rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved. This transaction is governed by the laws of Ohio and venue to any dispute arising under the terms of this agreement is in Montgomery County, Ohio. Use of this product constitutes your acceptance of these terms.